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Spicy Roasted Corn


French fries


Kicking Shrimps


Crispy Tofu Bites


Chicken Potstcikers


Beef Skewers


chicken wings


crispy fried calamari


4 savory eggrolls


jameson whiskey 10.99
Maker's Mark whiskey 11.99
Knob Crrek whiskey 11.99
well whiskey 6.99
jack daniels whiskey 10.99
hennessy vs conag 13.99
hennessy vsop conag 14.99
remy martin conag 13.99
remy martin xo conag 27.99
bacardi rum 11.99
captain morgan rum 11.99
malibu coconut rum 10.99
myers rum 10.99
well rum 7.99
sapphire gin 10.99
tanqueray gin 10.99
well gin 7.99
voodoo 8.99
mango wheat ale 7.99
modelo 7.99
kirin ichiban 7.99
kona big wave 7.99
stella 7.99
space dust ipa 8.99
left coast 7.99
805 firestone 7.99
budlight 7.99
blue moon 8.99
michelob 7.99

vietnamese cocktail

Lemongrass Mojito 17.73

A refreshing twist on the classic mojito, infused with the citrusy flavor of lemongrass.

Ginger Basil Martini 17.51

A zesty martini that combines the spice of ginger with the aroma of basil.

Pho Cocktail 18.29

Inspired by the flavors of pho, this savory cocktail is both unique and memorable.

Tamarind Whiskey Sour 17.86

A sour cocktail with a tangy tamarind twist, perfect for complementing spicy dishes.

Viet Coffee Martini 18.01

A strong, sweet cocktail that mirrors the flavors of Vietnamese iced coffee.

Coconut Rum Punch 17.25

A tropical and creamy drink that
feels like a dessert in a glass

Cucumber Chili Margarita 17.48

A cool yet spicy margarita that is
refreshing and bold.

house special cocktails
Mango Margarita 17.99

Savor the sweet essence of tropical mango in this vibrant margarita

Strawberry Margarita 17.34

The bright and juicy flavors of fresh strawberries in this classic margarita.

Raspberry Margarita 18.24

Indulge in the vibrant and sweet flavors of raspberry in this colorful margarita

Spicy Margarita 17.57

Jalapeño heat with the fresh, herbal of basil for a daringly bold cocktail.

Lychee Mojito 17.49

a burst of sweet lychee flavor balanced with a refreshing minty finish.

Summer Mule 17.69

featuring a crisp and zesty profile that will refresh and delight

Cucumber Fizz 17.77

cool and crisp essence of cucumber in this light and bubbly cocktail

Lychee Martini 17.88

Delight in the delicate and aromatic flavors of this sophisticated martini

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